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Koi Fish Farm Shop Front

Nishikigoi in Japanese means coloured or jeweled fish. We are a licensed fish farm for the breeding of  koi and goldfish and as breeders with over 25 years experience we have an exstensive knowledge of koi and koi health.

Our large retail shop specializes in all types of watergardening Stocked with a variety of Koi, goldfish, pond pumps, filtration/uv units, ponds/liner, waterfeatures, water plants, fish food, pond and fish medication, aquariums/accessories  and much more.

Constructing or filtering a pond no matter what size, With our expert knowledge and friendly service  will ensure you get the right advice and product for your next project.

Open 7 days a week

Mon to fri           10am to 5pm

Sat                       10am to 4pm

Sun                      11am to 3pm